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We’re having a baby!.. Again!

We're having a baby!

Baby No. 2! My Second Pregnancy Story.

I think it is about we time we let the secret out the bag, well not so much a secret but it's news I havn't posted here before. We already have one beautiful, clever little girl, Rosanna who turned 2 in March! I actually don't know where that time went, it gentuinely has flown by! But we have more baby news! I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with our second little girl, I am officially due in August (great, hot summer and heavily pregnant.. whose fantastic idea was that??!), although I can not tell you how excited I am to have two little girlies!

We havn't had the most strait foreward pregnancy, unlike Rosa who was easy peasy. I definitly did not prepare myself for how difficult a second pregnancy was going to be! I am constantly tired, probably due to the fact I have a two year old to run around after and also a business to run. Let me tell you, that on it's own has been tough enough to send me off for a afternoon nap.

Pregnancy Test Result Clear Blue

It was actually a bit of a shock to find out I was pregnant again, I fell very quickly which we hadn't really expected to happen. Yes we were trying, we had always known that we would like a 2-3 year age gap between our children but we weren't tracking cycles and I was still telling myself I was probably due on any day now. It wasn't until I thought to actually check the calendar that I realised I was already a week late! I had one test left from when I had had Rosanna so I took it and it came up saying "pregnant" strait away and a few minutes later the 3+ appeared. I called my parter as he had had gone out for the day and I couldn't keep this to myself until the evening! When we found out I was pregnant with Rosanna we did about 3 tests and then just to confirm those we had an early scan at 8 weeks, this time was a bit different I took the one test and was then like ok cool, i'm pregnant. We had our 12 week scan (although I was actually 13 weeks 5 days) at the begining of Feb which confirmed our dates and that our due date would be in August.

Baby No 2 Scan

So far the second preganancy has most definitly been harder on me than my first. With Rosa, I had a little nausea and I remember I had a couple of days where I couldn't get out of bed through tiredness around the 10 week mark, at one point I put my back out and I had one migrain but other than that the pregnancy was simple. This time it has been very different and I took notes, so here are my first trimester details!

Baby No. 2  - How I'm feeling


  • My energy levels are just non existant! I am constantly tired! Almost glued to the sofa for a few weeks, although lucky for me this was over the Christmas holidays so I was able to rest.
  • Nausea!! Ugh where did this come from? I don't remeber it being this bad with Rosa?! No throwing up though, not once! Just the feeling, I can normally get rid of it by eating something but to be honest the thought of eating is not particularly appetising!
  • Headaches! Oh the headaches! Like a lingering migraine.. all.the.time! It's a pain and i'd often end up in bed by the afternoon after trying to fight it off, only to succumb to it and need to close my eyes for a bit.
  • Bladder has already given up on life! I'm needing to wee alot! Even just a few sips of water will tip me over the edge (can't wait for this to get worse throughout the pregnancy!)
  • Showing?! ALREADY?! Wait, what??! With Rosanna I didn't show until I was maybe 23 weeks pregnant, this time I was in my maternity jeans by 12 weeks, I heard that you get bigger quicker with your second, but I didn't really expect it this quickly!
  • Morning sickness is a lot worse after a bad nights sleep - which is most nights as I'm still up with Rosa a couple of times a night. Still no actual throwing up though.
  • Smells! Some smells have literally nearly made me throw up. We had some really garlicky pasta one night and I NEEDED the remains out of the house as soon as possible, I walked in to the kitchen and literally gagged. Same with opening the fridge if there was something bad inside and other random smells.
  • Heartburn! I don't think I had any heartburn with Rosa, maybe this baby will have more hair?! Who knows!


  • McDonalds Quatre Pounder with Cheese. Now, if you know me, im not one to pop to McDonalds even if im hungry and if I were to go, the burger would definitely not be on the top of my lists of must haves.. so, i'm totally blaming this one on the baby! There was one night, before we found out we were expecting actually that I hadn't eaten much and I needed something literally then and there, all there was was mcdonalds and for some unknown reason I got the burger and I ate it all! I should have know then something was up to be fair!
  • Apple, grapefruit (cut in half, grilled with demerara sugar on top - seriously try it!) and melon. Nothing too strange here though, I always crave fresh fruit when i'm not feeling particularly well - pregnant or not!
  • Nutella on crumpets
  • Pizza - I can always eat pizza.

All The Feels:

  • Feeling massive. I felt very pregnant from very early on. My clothes didn't fit properly and baggy tops and leggings were definitely my go to items of clothing. Wearing some maternity clothing from 12 weeks on and I honestly just felt like you could easily notice I was pregnant already.


  • The first trimester did go quite slowly, though you would expect it to fly by when you've got a toddler too, honestly I just did not feel good, or really feel up to anything. Reallistically the first trimester sucked away at my soul and left me asleep with a headach on the sofa. I was just wrecked. Wiped out. Really want to just feel like myself again!


  • I've definitly had some emotional moments, particuarly when I think to myself that my time with just Rosanna is limited and I feel like I can't enjoy the time we have left together because I've been feeling so rotten. Other emotional moments are random, mainly brought on when I am overtired, but according to my lovely boyfriend everything or anything could set me off.. men!! If only they actually understood!!


  • We told my mum and dad about the pregnancy in their christmas card on Chrsitmas day, from Charles, Leela, Rosanna & Bump - set mum off right away, which set me off too.. of course it took a moment for dad to pick up on it but everyone was over the moon.
  • We told Chaz's family on Christmas day too but we just spilled this one, his family is too big to put in a card and it's impossible to keep a secret if we were to just tell a few people. Though it may have been obvious, not drinking at chistmas.. that's definitly going to raise some eyebrows! Again everyone was really pleased for us.
  • I don't know why I felt so nervous to tell everyone, I kind of felt a bit like I'd get a telling off like we were too young to be having another child, I'm 31 though so in reality it's clearly just my childish mindset!
  • Early movement! I definitly felt the baby move at 11 weeks pregnant. It is true what they say that after your first baby you know what you are looking for more. There was no mistaking it, it was definitly the baby having a swoosh around. After that I didn't feel anything again until arpund 14 weeks and by 16 weeks I was feeling baby moving almost every day. Blimey! With Rosa I remember feeling a distinctive kick at 20 weeks, but nothing that I could pin point before that. This time it was definitate. When you know, you know!
  • I had my booking appointment in the new Chase Farm Hospital, I must admit, it is ALOT better than the old one now and this made me feel a bit better as I knew all my midwife appointments would need to be there. Although my booking appointment when I was pregnant with Rosanna was a lot more informative, I don't know if they just assume that you already know everything with it being your second or if they just didn't bother to go through everything.. just little things like when you get big your car seat belt needs to go under the bump and things like if I need my fire alarms tested in the house then the fire brigade would do this for free as they have a responsibility towards pregnant women, none of this was mentioned this time. Food avoidances were also not mentioned, I remember being told off but the midwife when I had Rosa as I was eating my own chicken eggs, purely because they had not been stamped with the lion. Yeah like i am going to buy eggs when my perfectly healthy chickens lay me such yummy ones - for free!
  • It was during the booking appointment that I was told that due to Rosanna being born small for gestational age (SGA) I would not be measured by fundal hight this time and would instead be referred for extra scans to be measured more accurately.

Gender prediction:

I mean, this baby was always going to be another girl, even before we found out, I just knew. I had told Chaz right at the beginning of our relationship that we would have 3 girls, so this little one is right on track!