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A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was missing

Your tiny brand new baby has just entered your life and has completely and utterly stolen your hearts! Newborn babies are precious souls, sweet, angelic, innocent, and you could just about add in any cutesy word and it will fit. My newborn baby photography sessions document their freshness in the first few weeks, the ideal time is when your baby is between 5 days and 3 weeks old.

But there is more to it, yes the session will focus on your newborn, but parenthood is powerful. Your new bond, ohhh there is Nothing. Like. That. Bond. Let me capture this.

Your baby won't stay little for very long, which makes these timeless moments even more important.

I want to capture your connections, the tenderness and your new sence of pride. This is a new chapter, this is the beginning of your child's story. You don't want to forget all the sweet details.

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There isn't anything in this world that will put things

in to perspective for you quite like a new life

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I live in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.