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Maternity Photography Sessions – What to expect

Maternity Photography Sessions

What to expect from your pregnancy photography session with New Life Photography

Hatfield Maternity Photographer

Hatfield Maternity Photographer 01.09.18

You know what? Pregnancy is hard!

You are probably feeling as though you want this time to be done and dusted with by now and to be cradling your precious little baby. Those hot summer days are difficult, especially if you are in your third trimester and the thought of a glass of wine in the sun seems so far away. Whatever struggles you may be facing and let’s face it, pregnancy does take its toll, this time in your life is pretty amazing; you are creating life! You are making a mini human! Congratulations are most definitely in order.

There will be moments during your pregnancy where you can feel your baby’s movements, you will sit down and wonder what your little creation will look like, will they be a boy or a girl? You will feel happy to feel this and the feeling literally melts your heart. The pregnancy glow is a thing, really. Not because of your swollen legs and growing abdomen, not because it takes you twice as long to get your socks and shoes on or because it takes you half the time to work up a sweat, just climbing the stairs. It is because of the new life that you are creating inside of you, these are your little baby’s first moments. Why not capture them with a maternity photography session? Once your baby is born, your bump is gone, you wont get this time back. As much as you may be feeling rough, these are your baby’s first months and they are definitely worth remembering.

When to book your maternity photography session:

You can book your maternity photography session as early as after your first scan, once you've seen your little bean for the first time! The best time to book your pregnancy photography session is within your third trimester, usually between 32 and 36 weeks. At this point you will still be able to move around and your bump will be a good size.

What to expect during your maternity photography session:

I usually shoot maternity in the studio, although upon request and providing the weather is ok we can do part of the shoot outdoors. I provide the gowns and materials for your photo session but please feel free to bring in your own too if you have something specific you would like to use. Most of my mummy’s to be have some classic, nude images taken too, of course this is not mandatory and I am happy to retouch any stretch marks should you wish me to. These images will be taken in privacy of the studio. The maternity photography session usually lasts around an hour, maybe a little longer if we head outside.

Your children and partners are always welcome during the session and I encourage them to get involved.

Maternity photography sessions at New Life Photography are the beginning of your baby’s journey. Capture those memories for treasure forever.

More information on my maternity & pregnancy photography sessions can be found here. Pricing starts at £175.

Alternatively, contact me to book or ask any further questions.

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