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We’re having a baby!.. Again!

We're having a baby!

Baby No. 2! My Second Pregnancy Story.

I think it is about we time we let the secret out the bag, well not so much a secret but it's news I havn't posted here before. We already have one beautiful, clever little girl, Rosanna who turned 2 in March! I actually don't know where that time went, it gentuinely has flown by! But we have more baby news! I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with our second little girl, I am officially due in August (great, hot summer and heavily pregnant.. whose fantastic idea was that??!), although I can not tell you how excited I am to have two little girlies!

We havn't had the most strait foreward pregnancy, unlike Rosa who was easy peasy. I definitly did not prepare myself for how difficult a second pregnancy was going to be! I am constantly tired, probably due to the fact I have a two year old to run around after and also a business to run. Let me tell you, that on it's own has been tough enough to send me off for a afternoon nap.

Pregnancy Test Result Clear Blue

It was actually a bit of a shock to find out I was pregnant again, I fell very quickly which we hadn't really expected to happen. Yes we were trying, we had always known that we would like a 2-3 year age gap between our children but we weren't tracking cycles and I was still telling myself I was probably due on any day now. It wasn't until I thought to actually check the calendar that I realised I was already a week late! I had one test left from when I had had Rosanna so I took it and it came up saying "pregnant" strait away and a few minutes later the 3+ appeared. I called my parter as he had had gone out for the day and I couldn't keep this to myself until the evening! When we found out I was pregnant with Rosanna we did about 3 tests and then just to confirm those we had an early scan at 8 weeks, this time was a bit different I took the one test and was then like ok cool, i'm pregnant. We had our 12 week scan (although I was actually 13 weeks 5 days) at the begining of Feb which confirmed our dates and that our due date would be in August.

Baby No 2 Scan

So far the second preganancy has most definitly been harder on me than my first. With Rosa, I had a little nausea and I remember I had a couple of days where I couldn't get out of bed through tiredness around the 10 week mark, at one point I put my back out and I had one migrain but other than that the pregnancy was simple. This time it has been very different and I took notes, so here are my first trimester details!

Baby No. 2  - How I'm feeling


  • My energy levels are just non existant! I am constantly tired! Almost glued to the sofa for a few weeks, although lucky for me this was over the Christmas holidays so I was able to rest.
  • Nausea!! Ugh where did this come from? I don't remeber it being this bad with Rosa?! No throwing up though, not once! Just the feeling, I can normally get rid of it by eating something but to be honest the thought of eating is not particularly appetising!
  • Headaches! Oh the headaches! Like a lingering migraine.. all.the.time! It's a pain and i'd often end up in bed by the afternoon after trying to fight it off, only to succumb to it and need to close my eyes for a bit.
  • Bladder has already given up on life! I'm needing to wee alot! Even just a few sips of water will tip me over the edge (can't wait for this to get worse throughout the pregnancy!)
  • Showing?! ALREADY?! Wait, what??! With Rosanna I didn't show until I was maybe 23 weeks pregnant, this time I was in my maternity jeans by 12 weeks, I heard that you get bigger quicker with your second, but I didn't really expect it this quickly!
  • Morning sickness is a lot worse after a bad nights sleep - which is most nights as I'm still up with Rosa a couple of times a night. Still no actual throwing up though.
  • Smells! Some smells have literally nearly made me throw up. We had some really garlicky pasta one night and I NEEDED the remains out of the house as soon as possible, I walked in to the kitchen and literally gagged. Same with opening the fridge if there was something bad inside and other random smells.
  • Heartburn! I don't think I had any heartburn with Rosa, maybe this baby will have more hair?! Who knows!


  • McDonalds Quatre Pounder with Cheese. Now, if you know me, im not one to pop to McDonalds even if im hungry and if I were to go, the burger would definitely not be on the top of my lists of must haves.. so, i'm totally blaming this one on the baby! There was one night, before we found out we were expecting actually that I hadn't eaten much and I needed something literally then and there, all there was was mcdonalds and for some unknown reason I got the burger and I ate it all! I should have know then something was up to be fair!
  • Apple, grapefruit (cut in half, grilled with demerara sugar on top - seriously try it!) and melon. Nothing too strange here though, I always crave fresh fruit when i'm not feeling particularly well - pregnant or not!
  • Nutella on crumpets
  • Pizza - I can always eat pizza.

All The Feels:

  • Feeling massive. I felt very pregnant from very early on. My clothes didn't fit properly and baggy tops and leggings were definitely my go to items of clothing. Wearing some maternity clothing from 12 weeks on and I honestly just felt like you could easily notice I was pregnant already.


  • The first trimester did go quite slowly, though you would expect it to fly by when you've got a toddler too, honestly I just did not feel good, or really feel up to anything. Reallistically the first trimester sucked away at my soul and left me asleep with a headach on the sofa. I was just wrecked. Wiped out. Really want to just feel like myself again!


  • I've definitly had some emotional moments, particuarly when I think to myself that my time with just Rosanna is limited and I feel like I can't enjoy the time we have left together because I've been feeling so rotten. Other emotional moments are random, mainly brought on when I am overtired, but according to my lovely boyfriend everything or anything could set me off.. men!! If only they actually understood!!


  • We told my mum and dad about the pregnancy in their christmas card on Chrsitmas day, from Charles, Leela, Rosanna & Bump - set mum off right away, which set me off too.. of course it took a moment for dad to pick up on it but everyone was over the moon.
  • We told Chaz's family on Christmas day too but we just spilled this one, his family is too big to put in a card and it's impossible to keep a secret if we were to just tell a few people. Though it may have been obvious, not drinking at chistmas.. that's definitly going to raise some eyebrows! Again everyone was really pleased for us.
  • I don't know why I felt so nervous to tell everyone, I kind of felt a bit like I'd get a telling off like we were too young to be having another child, I'm 31 though so in reality it's clearly just my childish mindset!
  • Early movement! I definitly felt the baby move at 11 weeks pregnant. It is true what they say that after your first baby you know what you are looking for more. There was no mistaking it, it was definitly the baby having a swoosh around. After that I didn't feel anything again until arpund 14 weeks and by 16 weeks I was feeling baby moving almost every day. Blimey! With Rosa I remember feeling a distinctive kick at 20 weeks, but nothing that I could pin point before that. This time it was definitate. When you know, you know!
  • I had my booking appointment in the new Chase Farm Hospital, I must admit, it is ALOT better than the old one now and this made me feel a bit better as I knew all my midwife appointments would need to be there. Although my booking appointment when I was pregnant with Rosanna was a lot more informative, I don't know if they just assume that you already know everything with it being your second or if they just didn't bother to go through everything.. just little things like when you get big your car seat belt needs to go under the bump and things like if I need my fire alarms tested in the house then the fire brigade would do this for free as they have a responsibility towards pregnant women, none of this was mentioned this time. Food avoidances were also not mentioned, I remember being told off but the midwife when I had Rosa as I was eating my own chicken eggs, purely because they had not been stamped with the lion. Yeah like i am going to buy eggs when my perfectly healthy chickens lay me such yummy ones - for free!
  • It was during the booking appointment that I was told that due to Rosanna being born small for gestational age (SGA) I would not be measured by fundal hight this time and would instead be referred for extra scans to be measured more accurately.

Gender prediction:

I mean, this baby was always going to be another girl, even before we found out, I just knew. I had told Chaz right at the beginning of our relationship that we would have 3 girls, so this little one is right on track!

Ashbrook Court Care Home

Ashbrook Court Care Home - Tovertafel "Magic Table" Event

Hatfield, Herfordshire Event Photographer

In January, I went to Ashbrook Court Care Home, where I photographed their Tovertafel "magic table" event.  The table has the ability to transform the lives of people living with dementia and was launched by Mayor, Councillar Jeane Lea at Ashbrook Court Care Home in Waltham Abbey on January 24th. It is most likely the first such "table" in Essex.

Hertfordshire Event Photographer 70

.The ‘table’ – known as Tovertafel – is widely established in the Netherlands where it was developed – but is not as yet so well established in the UK.

The name ‘Magic Table’ was coined by someone living with dementia who said, when trying it - “this is a magic table”.

It consists of a projector hung from the ceiling that throws interactive, colourful, moving light games on to a table below that people can interact and play with.

Click here to watch a video that really shows you what the table is about.

The light games encourage players to reach out towards them and the lights subsequently respond to their hand and arm movements, allowing residents to play with light.

It was developed by PhD student Hester Le Riche, who wanted to create something to stimulate activity – physical, mental and social – in people living with moderate to severe dementia to motivate the mind and inspire people to be active.

The games can also inspire people living with dementia to play and interact with their grandchildren with whom they might otherwise be unable to communicate.

Nicola Coveney, MD of Ashbrook Court, says: “We’ve been trialling this with our residents for a couple of weeks and it is quite astonishing the impact it is having.  Our residents love it and it brings them together in a way no other activity can.  Some of our residents who decline to be involved in other activities are really enjoying the Magic Table.”

Bramley Court Care Home

Bramley Court Care Home - Christmas Fair 

Hatfield, Hertfordshire Event Photographer

Last December, I was invited by Bramley Court Care Home to photograph their Winter Wonderland Christmas fair event. The lovely Christmas fair is held for the elderly residents of the care home and their families to enjoy. The fair was mainly outside and this incorporated the launch of the care home's Bramley Village.

Bramley Court Blog 18

On the day, we were challenged by the weather, it was a very cold December afternoon/evening and added in to the mix we had our fair bit of rain. The residents and their families were in great spirits, even braving the cold and rain to come out and enjoy the new Bramley Village, where there were a mixture of stalls, including tea and coffee, a bbq, arts and crafts and of course, Santa!

As the evening grew colder and wetter, the residents moved inside the care home to enjoy the entertainment, a brass band and afterwards carols were song by a local choir. Children played and everyone smiled, really getting in to the Christmas spirit! It really was a lovely evening, the connection between the residents and the staff is clear to be seen. Take a look below at some of the photographs I took during this event.

Get to know your photographer

A bit about me

Hi i'm Leela

I'm a mum and full time Hatfield photographer.


You may be feeling a little apprehensive about coming for your photography session, who will be taking your photographs? I know, it's not easy to feel relaxed when someone is pointing a lens in your face, it's hard to really forget about it and just let yourself laugh and smile naturally. For this reason, I thought I would share a little more about myself, so you can get to know me before you get here.

I am a pretty chilled photographer, in fact my mum used to always comment on how laid back I was as a child. During your session you'll find that I always have a smile on my face and i'm happy to be a bit silly - anything for that lovely smile of yours to come out! Actually sometimes I really struggle to keep a strait face anyway, feel free to have a laugh at my expence!

As a mother myself, I understand how precious your children are. I've been through the newborn stage myself, it is hard, theres no denying it! My little girl, Rosanna is almost 2 now (HOW?!) it really does seem as though she was born just a few short months ago, my gosh, I can't even begin to explain how fast those almost 2 years have flown by. But now she's walking and talking and I can't help but melt with pride when I see her confidant personality shining through.

My photography journey started in 2010

I'd love to be able to say that I got my first camera aged 5 and I always knew that I wanted to be a photographer, but for me that really is not the case. When I was younger, I like many other teenagers did not know what I wanted to do with my life and I ended up working stuck in an office for 7 years working in accounts. Not really my idea of fun, actually I hated it, the 9-5 life just isn't for me.

I had however always been quite artistic and had loved arts and crafts at school so when my mum suggested I took a evening photography course I thought why not, it could be fun. It was at this moment that something just clicked for me, that was what I wanted to do! I wanted to be a photographer. I met my best friend Phil (also a photographer) at a shoot in 2010 and after that I basically just tagged along with him and he really has thought be so much about photography. Phil was really in to motorsports so I ended up going with him to many drifting events and photographing suped up cars skidding around various tracks around the uk and Europe, I mean, this was a pretty cool life I have to admit, the social aspect was awesome, the parties and the people I met; but there was one problem, photographing motorsports doesn't really pay very well.

I was lucky enough to be able to go back to college full time when I was 24, I studied the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Photography, it was here that I really excelled and found my love in portraiture and my fascination with people's faces. I left the course with a Triple Distinction Plus, a grade the college up until then did not even know was achievable. I can not explain how proud I am of myself for achieving this, this was by far the highest grade I had ever achieved after being a grade C student at school.

Here are some of my photographs from my final major project, I took these images using a large format film camera, I developed the film myself in the dark room and then scanned the film and edited them using photoshop.

What next?

After college, I tried out university but I got really frustrated as it wasnt hands on enough for me. Who needs to be able to write 10,000 word essays to be a self employed photographer? Na, not for me. I left and started exploring my options. I was already working alongside a couple of very talented wedding photographers but I knew that really I wanted to be working on my own, for myself. When I met my boyrfiend, he really pushed me and made me believe that I could do it. I began my newborn training in 2014, this is an area of photography that requires training. At this point I didnt have any children of my own and as a single child I had never really been around small children. Safety is the upmost most important aspect of newborn photography and not something that anyone should attempt without professional training. I have undertaken various training courses with some of the Uk's best newborn photographers, Tracey Willis and Emma Jane from Little Love Photography, I tuely believe that you can never stop learning which is why I continue to book myself in for extended training. I am due to train with Russ Jackson and Lisa McCormick later on this year.

I have an unhealthy obsession for props, which I think if you ask most newborn photographers it is a common problem! Although I have experimented with my style and I finally feel as though I have found my niche, simplicity. I always just love the simplest photographs.

I now photograph newborns, families, children and dogs and I have my very own garden studio, I couldn't ask for more. I love my job!

My very own little family

My boyfriend and I weren't inseparable at the beginning, it took 7 months before I finally said yes to a date, I thought he was too young, gorgeous, but young. I'm two years older than him. But I soon learnt that I was just being (really) silly as in reality I'm the youngster in the relationship. I bagged myself a toy boy and our love grew stronger everyday. I'll alwasy remember our first real date where he picked me up in a land rover - yep, thats my Charles! We rescued our beloved dog Ruby in 2015. Ruby is a Dogue De Bordeux cross (we think with a German Shepherd), her mum had been dumped at the RSPCA pregnant. Ruby is now 4 and you may get to meet her gorgeous face if you come in to my Hatfield studio for your session. I had been living in London when we met but we soon found this was hard due to his long working hours. Soon after we got Ruby we bought our house and settled in Hatfield. In 2016 we found out we were expecting and in March 2017 we welcomed our baby girl, she was of course two weeks late and we had to have an emergency C section (but thats another story i'll keep for later on). But she was healthy although small, only 6lb 3 at 42 weeks. Having the baby has pushed me more to be able to give her everything she needs, having a child has not stopped my work at all, if anything it has just opened my eyes to the unconditional love that a parent has for their child.

5 random facts about me

I'm half dutch and actually have more family in Holland than I do in the UK.

I LOVE pizza.

I have currently also got 10 chickens and a cockerel, many of which we have bread ourselves - let me know if you fancy some eggs.

My boyfriend, I and a small group of us drove from London to Gambia for charity in 2015, it took us 3 weeks.

I have never broken a bone in my body.

Welcome to Photography By Leela

Happy New Year Everyone!

Out with the old! In with the new!

I have some really exciting news to share with you all! From now on I will be trading under the name Photography By Leela.

This is mainly because New Life Photography is evolving and really I want to put my own name to my work, it just makes it feel a little bit more personal and honestly this business really is my baby.

You will notice the new Photography By Leela logo and the website is also finally here.

I will be able to offer more to you with the introduction of my outdoor lifestyle family sessions and dog portraiture sessions, I really am SO excited for the future!

Keep a look out for some special offers coming this way soon!



Hatfield’s Award Winning Newborn Photographer

Well well well! This is a lovely surprise!

 I am delighted and honoured to have been awarded a Highly Commended award from the Societies of Photographers for one of my newborn photographs of Archer! This award is highly sought after and very difficult to achieve in the newborn category. This is my first nationally recognised award so I am mega chuffed to say the least! I can now say I am a award winning photographer! Woohoo!

award winning hatfield newborn photographer

Maternity Photography Sessions – What to expect

Maternity Photography Sessions

What to expect from your pregnancy photography session with New Life Photography

Hatfield Maternity Photographer

Hatfield Maternity Photographer 01.09.18

You know what? Pregnancy is hard!

You are probably feeling as though you want this time to be done and dusted with by now and to be cradling your precious little baby. Those hot summer days are difficult, especially if you are in your third trimester and the thought of a glass of wine in the sun seems so far away. Whatever struggles you may be facing and let’s face it, pregnancy does take its toll, this time in your life is pretty amazing; you are creating life! You are making a mini human! Congratulations are most definitely in order.

There will be moments during your pregnancy where you can feel your baby’s movements, you will sit down and wonder what your little creation will look like, will they be a boy or a girl? You will feel happy to feel this and the feeling literally melts your heart. The pregnancy glow is a thing, really. Not because of your swollen legs and growing abdomen, not because it takes you twice as long to get your socks and shoes on or because it takes you half the time to work up a sweat, just climbing the stairs. It is because of the new life that you are creating inside of you, these are your little baby’s first moments. Why not capture them with a maternity photography session? Once your baby is born, your bump is gone, you wont get this time back. As much as you may be feeling rough, these are your baby’s first months and they are definitely worth remembering.

When to book your maternity photography session:

You can book your maternity photography session as early as after your first scan, once you've seen your little bean for the first time! The best time to book your pregnancy photography session is within your third trimester, usually between 32 and 36 weeks. At this point you will still be able to move around and your bump will be a good size.

What to expect during your maternity photography session:

I usually shoot maternity in the studio, although upon request and providing the weather is ok we can do part of the shoot outdoors. I provide the gowns and materials for your photo session but please feel free to bring in your own too if you have something specific you would like to use. Most of my mummy’s to be have some classic, nude images taken too, of course this is not mandatory and I am happy to retouch any stretch marks should you wish me to. These images will be taken in privacy of the studio. The maternity photography session usually lasts around an hour, maybe a little longer if we head outside.

Your children and partners are always welcome during the session and I encourage them to get involved.

Maternity photography sessions at New Life Photography are the beginning of your baby’s journey. Capture those memories for treasure forever.

More information on my maternity & pregnancy photography sessions can be found here. Pricing starts at £175.

Alternatively, contact me to book or ask any further questions.

Bump Photography

My Current Availability

Hatfield Photography Availability. Newborn, Maternity, Baby & Child photographer available in September 2018 for fine art personalised photography sessions.


Here is are my current availability for newborn, baby, child and maternity photography sessions in Hatfield, Hertfordshire-


September - 2 available

October - 4 available

November - 5 available


Get in touch asap to secure your booking! Contact Leela here

Mothers Day Maternity Mini Sessions


Maternity Mini Photography Sessions £99

Pregnancy can take its toll, by the time you’ve reached 30 weeks pregnant; well, I can remember how fed up I felt.

But in spite of this, pregnancy is beautiful and what other way to remember your pregnancy than with a maternity photography session.

Yes, you deserve a little gift

And yes, I will give it to you,

Spoil yourself.

Photographs will always remind you of what a gift you are, and how incredible our bodies can be, you’re creating life!

  To celebrate Mothers Day this year (Sunday March 11th), New Life Photography is offering Maternity Photography Mini Sessions!

This offer includes a 45 minute session and 5 high resolution digital photographs delivered to you by digital download.

I have limited spaces although the offer will run throughout March 2018. Sessions are held in my Hatfield studio.

To book your session please contact me here

Treat yourself this Mothers Day