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Ashbrook Court Care Home

Ashbrook Court Care Home - Tovertafel "Magic Table" Event

Hatfield, Herfordshire Event Photographer

In January, I went to Ashbrook Court Care Home, where I photographed their Tovertafel "magic table" event.  The table has the ability to transform the lives of people living with dementia and was launched by Mayor, Councillar Jeane Lea at Ashbrook Court Care Home in Waltham Abbey on January 24th. It is most likely the first such "table" in Essex.

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.The ‘table’ – known as Tovertafel – is widely established in the Netherlands where it was developed – but is not as yet so well established in the UK.

The name ‘Magic Table’ was coined by someone living with dementia who said, when trying it - “this is a magic table”.

It consists of a projector hung from the ceiling that throws interactive, colourful, moving light games on to a table below that people can interact and play with.

Click here to watch a video that really shows you what the table is about.

The light games encourage players to reach out towards them and the lights subsequently respond to their hand and arm movements, allowing residents to play with light.

It was developed by PhD student Hester Le Riche, who wanted to create something to stimulate activity – physical, mental and social – in people living with moderate to severe dementia to motivate the mind and inspire people to be active.

The games can also inspire people living with dementia to play and interact with their grandchildren with whom they might otherwise be unable to communicate.

Nicola Coveney, MD of Ashbrook Court, says: “We’ve been trialling this with our residents for a couple of weeks and it is quite astonishing the impact it is having.  Our residents love it and it brings them together in a way no other activity can.  Some of our residents who decline to be involved in other activities are really enjoying the Magic Table.”