Meet Leela


I'm not just a photographer, I'm here to be your photographer

Hi there, I'm Leela

I’ve been a photographer for almost a decade however I haven’t always photographed newborn freshness and family smiles. I started photographing newborn babies in 2014 and I fell straight in to the posed newborn photographer category, but it just wasn’t quite... me. My photography style now is much more free, natural, timeless and emotive. I am imaginative, a soul seeker.

I love windy, messy hair and I am totally scatty, I sometimes bite my nails, I procrastinate, I go to bed late, sometimes super super late. I am a dreamer, a storyteller, a dog lover and an explorer of life.

I live in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and have a gorgeous natural light home photography studio in my garden.

I specialise in celebrating motherhood (and fatherhood) in my styled maternity, newborn baby and family photoshoots.

My sessions are generally family centred, let’s face it, that is totally the most important thing, right? I’m less of a prop photographer, I want you to be in my pictures, central and along with your family, this is my primary focus. I can not emphasise how important it is to me to have you in the photographs with your children.

I want to see your love poured out all over your children and I will frame this for you and hang it on your walls at home, so that you can show your children exactly how proud of them you are.

My aim is to create art that makes you feel the emotion and give you goose bumps, I want to leave you inspired.

When I'm not out shooting your most likely going to find me wearing my heart on my sleeve, probably at home with my gorgeous fiancé and our 2 little girls. I love love love that happy summertime feeling and we're often out in the garden enjoying hosting and having friends over. We watch the children play together and I genuinely cannot tell you of a happier feeling then watching the girls with the biggest smiles on their faces, running around and splashing about, it literally melts my heart! I'm sure you know the exact feeling I'm talking about!

I'd really love to work with you and show you just how fabulous you are!
Leela Yasmin Hertfordshire natural photography
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